Thursday, May 14, 2009

Penn Station movie-style popcorn

I'm sorry that I have been remiss in updating this site, my dear popcorn fans. I wish I could say that I have been busy traveling the world in search of the best popcorn, but sadly, that is not the case. Someday I hope to realize that dream, but for now I must settle for toiling away at my desk job and ordering popcorn online.

Movie theater pop from Penn Station Jeff broke one of the cardinal rules of being a Star Wars fan and insisted that we see Star Trek on opening day. I was fine with this as I was not breaking any of my own crazy rules by doing this.

We used to see movies all the time on Friday nights until we started going to Brooklyn for the delicious sushi on Friday nights. And even though the little theater in Brooklyn Heights has excellent popcorn (and decent movies, too), somehow we always wind up waddling home after dinner instead of going to a movie.

Anyway, the best thing about going to the movies on a weeknight is that I can pick up popcorn from Penn Station. This is especially beneficial when going to the Battery Park theater as their popcorn is particularly horrible. (Note: I will eat it anyway if I must, but I will scowl the entire time.)

There is one stand in Penn Station that sells popcorn in a movie style bag. This makes smuggling the 'corn into a theater even easier, since in the dark it is not obvious that you are eating smuggled 'corn.

The movie style popcorn stand is right next to the lower level entrance to K-Mart and it costs $1.50, just like at all the rest of the popcorn stands in Penn Station.

It's not the best tasting 'corn down there, but it has its perks. One: the bag is considerably bigger than the long, white bag sold at most of the Penn Station stands. Two: the movie-style bag is easier to eat out of in the dark.

The popcorn from this stand is a bit more yellow than nature undoubtedly created it and it's a bit too salty for my taste. After the bag is empty, my lips are puckery. That is not a good sign. But, it has a nice toothsome quality. And it's not nearly as horrible as the popcorn sold at Battery Park, nor as expensive, so it was still the better option.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Popping at home

pop with parmesan On Sunday, because it was dreary and we had nowhere we needed to be, we caught up on movies from Netflix and TiVo'd shows.

For the viewing of Caprica, I made us a big bowl of popcorn. I do not need a movie as an excuse to make popcorn at home. But it's nice to have popcorn while watching a movie in any location.

I do not require a fancy apparatus to make popcorn. I used to own a contraption for making popcorn on the stove that would stir the kernels around inside the pot. The best part about that contraption is that it had a little dish underneath the lid where I put butter to melt.

That contraption was a royal pain to clean. After leaving it uncleaned on top of the stove for a week one time (due to not wanting to deal with it), I decided to throw it away.

I don't need no fancy popcorn machine. All I need is a non-stick pot with a lid. Depending on my mood, I add a little olive oil or a little butter to the bottom of the pan, let that heat up a bit, and then add enough kernels to cover the bottom of the pot. I put on the lid and shake the pot vigorously back and forth every 30 seconds or so. It's certainly not an exact science. I keep shaking it periodically until the kernels have stopped popping.

Then I add salt and freshly grated parmesan. Sometimes I add some spicy red pepper powder. On Sunday I was feeling mellow, not spicy, so I kept it simple.

Of course it was perfectly popped, so there is no need to list those details this time.

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