Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Go Popcorn goes right into my mouth

My darling husband knows me so well, even if he will never fully comprehend my obsession with popcorn. He asked if I could work at home today so that I could be here to accept a package that he had ordered for me for my birthday.

I confess that I saw the Go Popcorn site open on his laptop the other day and was hoping this would be what was on its way. Yay!

Now the trick is to not eat the whole gallon of popcorn before the end of the day. Because that would mean I would have none to eat tomorrow. Also, I'd probably feel awfully sick.

Go Popcorn makes a damn fine cheesy corn. They're based in Philadelphia where they have a small store front that we happened upon one day a few years ago. I had every intention of writing a blog post about them (and I think I still have the photos around here somewhere), but this will have to suffice for now.

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